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When The Sun Blinked: Book 1-Search For The Truth by David Harvey

A routine flight from New York to Cape Town becomes anything but when it is caught in a suspected massive solar event and crashes, leaving a handful of survivors.

These survivors are left dealing with the aftermath of the crash. As they struggle to come to terms with what has happened and the devastating consequences of the event, they have to find the answers to what will alter their lives forever.

The journey towards understanding is both more and worse than any of them could have foreseen.

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Print Length: 534 Pages
Genre: Fiction/Sci-fi, Action & Adventure Fiction

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When The Sun Blinked: Book 2-The Soldiers by David Harvey

As the awful truth unfolds, each day brings new challenges, hopes, threats and the dangers that wait in careless mistakes. These are brutal reminders of their circumstances, leading to their first death since the crash.

The discovery of a second crash brings renewed hope of a better-quality survival, but the arrival of a handful of former soldiers, themselves survivors of the same event, bring more challenges, threats and deaths.

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Print Length: 688 Pages
Genre: Fiction/Sci-fi, Action & Adventure Fiction

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When The Sun Blinked: Book 3-The Lions by David Harvey

In the new world the Survivors inhabit, they have barely ten square kilometres of space to live in. They are restricted by the huge wetland at the one end and nothing after the aircraft wreck they’d discovered.

All around them in the forest are predators and wild life, while the sea contains great white sharks. With declining stocks of meal packs, they must focus on survival and how to find food and not falling prey to the omnipresent pride of lions.

They capture as much of life as they can while constantly remaining vigilant, always mindful that careless mistakes will cost lives.

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Print Length: 356 Pages
Genre: Fiction/Sci-fi, Action & Adventure Fiction

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Retribution Book 1: Seeds Of Revenge by David Harvey

Hout Bay and Camps Bay, two suburbs along the beautiful Atlantic seaboard next to Cape Town, South Africa, become the setting of 3 childhood friends, now adults who, relocating from America thanks a dual American and South African heritage, establish their long-cherished dream business in Hout Bay, a short distance away from Camps Bay.

With ready cash from early investments in Bitcoin they pay for their business, their cars, houses and lifestyle up front, in full, using their profits. This in turn unwittingly attracts the attention of a family kicked out of Columbia by authorities cleaning up the drug trade. They re-establish themselves in Camps Bay, taking aim at the growing heroin trade in the Western Cape.

The Columbians believe the Hout Bay business is a front for drugs and therefore competition and an initial low-scale approach to establish their version of the truth escalates when abalone poaching is thrown into the mix.

Sucked into something totally at odds with their world, the Hout Bay dream is threatened by the Camps Bay drug and abalone world.

Because the Colombians have their own dream – a world of drugs, violence and now abalone poaching. They don’t care who gets hurt or what it involves to grow their empire. After all, they’ve been doing it for a long time and no-one is going to stop them.

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Print Length: 298 Pages
Genre: Urban Life, Urban Fiction, Action, Adventure

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Retribution Book 2: Winter Revenge by Dave Harvey

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Cesar Quevedo aches for revenge, but can’t wait. The Cape Town winter rains are starting, when heads will be down and buried under umbrellas. That will be the time he’ll be looking to strike.

Dimitri Alfieri is also wanting revenge, but he understands the value of waiting. In the meantime he keeps digging away to unearth the Hout Bay secrets despite being warned off.

Drug money is missing and Guido Alfieri sends two psychopathic killers with their reputation for unspeakable brutality from Bogota to Cape Town to find it, prompting an unlikely alliance.

Needing fresh abalone suppliers, Cesar Quevedo meets Melissa Samuels, a key player in the game and surprises himself when he succumbs to her charms. But who exactly is she? Abalone poaching is not the game where you want to be following your heart.

While the Camps Bay drug and abalone poaching empire spend their time plotting and scheming, the Hout Bay team show that actions speak louder than words and carry out an ambush with military precision against Dimitri Alfieri.

He learns a painful, expensive lesson that leaves him in hospital with a huge question mark. How would anyone know where he would be at a specific time and what he would be carrying in the boot of his car?

Did it originate from Hout Bay? Could it really be the mysterious Chinese triad with their cryptic messages who seem to know all about them? Or is there an unknown new player trying to muscle in on their world?

It’s an elaborate but deadly game of chess, where the stakes are high and the longer the game goes on, the more dangerous it becomes.

“He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.”

Sun Tzu

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Print Length: 322 Pages
Genre: Urban Life, Urban Fiction, Action, Adventure



About The Author: Dave Harvey was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1951.

He spent his early years in Linbro Park, a suburb of Johannesburg, on a small holding of peach trees, asparagus and rhubarb, exploring the long disused next-door cemetery, avoiding snakes and his grandpa’s beady eyes. (and they were eyes that missed nothing).

From there the family relocated to a farm in Chingola, Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia). Given the farm was carved out of virgin forest, it was back to avoiding snakes and other denizens of the thick bush – but all good learning curves.

From Zambia the family relocated to Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe) and from there Dave attended university in South Africa.

Somehow it seemed that all of his school years were spent at isolated boarding schools, buried deep in the bush in both Northern Rhodesia and Rhodesia, which may account for a lot of his admitted quirks.

After the bush war, when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, he emigrated back to South Africa where he now lives in Cape Town.

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