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One Last Sin – by Randolph Tower and Barbara M. Hodges

One Last Sin – by Randolph Tower and Barbara M. Hodges

The fiery crash of a private jet leaves a mystery in its wreckage. Alone in the devastation is a man, unhurt who has no memory of the crash, himself or his past. It is up to FBI Agent Gail Crane, Santa Maria Police Detective Darcie Devonshire and Ex-CIA Operative Morgan Garrett to solve the puzzle. Not an easy task, because for each question answered, two surface to take its place.

Cold Coffee Press Book Review For One Last Sin by Barbara M. Hodges and Randolph Tower

One Last Sin by Barbara M. Hodges and Randolph Tower is a suspense mystery that begins with a fiery Lear Jet crash. First impressions from the emergency responders indicates that one pilot, one co-pilot and two passengers are dead and burned beyond recognition. Within minutes the crash scene becomes an active investigation as a man with no visible signs of injury is found on the ground outside the cockpit.

Soon it becomes apparent to the first responders that this suspected survivor has no memory of the crash or even his own identity. A well trained team comes together including Special FBI Agent Gail Crane, Detective Darcie Carmichael of the Santa Maria Police Department and ex-CIA Operative Morgan Garrett to solve the mystery of this unidentified man and the circumstances surrounding the crash.

A mystery plot with well-developed characters and easy to follow dialog moves the investigation forward with writing that puts the reader in the present and quickly turns to action that grabs the reader’s attention. “I strolled past the entrance of the Luxor, walked away from the noise and hubbub of the busy casino. I stopped to watch the busy traffic, shook my head. Everyone rushed around like there was no tomorrow, and I’d bet they’d all come here to relax and have fun. We Americans could learn a lot from the African natives live easy and take it one day at a time. Now where did that come from? I don’t suppose I’ll ever get used to these random thoughts that seem to sprout from nowhere. God, will I ever remember my entire past? The splat sound came from behind me. Concrete chips splattered on my pants leg from the wall a few feet away. I turned toward the street. Damn, someone’s shooting. Hell, they’re shooting at me, and they’re using a silencer.”

Twists and turns will keep the reader engaged as more questions arise as some influential people might be involved in this multi-mystery drama. Barbara M. Hodges and Randolph Tower has also authored ‘Ice’, another suspense filled mystery.

Barbara M. Hodges has published titles of her own which include ‘Aftermath’, ‘Return Of The Ancients: A Story Of Daradawn’, ‘The Blue Flame’ (Daradawn Book 1), ‘The Emerald Dagger’ (Daradawn Book 2) and ‘The Silver Angel’ (Daradawn Book 3). In addition to ‘Ice’ and ‘One Last Sin’ Barbara has co-authored ‘A Spiral Of Echoes’, ‘Shadow Worlds’ and she is included in one anthology titled ‘Scattered Hearts’.

Cold Coffee Press endorses ‘One Last Sin’ by Barbara M. Hodges and Randolph Tower as a suspense mystery that will engage sleuth appetites. We received this book in a PDF format for review. The review was completed on April 1, 2015. For more information please visit Cold Coffee Press.

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Barbara M. Hodges Published Titles (Some of her books are written with co-authors):
A Spiral Of Echoes
One Last Sin
Return Of The Ancients
Scattered Hearts
Shadow Worlds
The Blue Flame
The Emerald Dagger
The Silver Angel

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