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Return of Bliss (The Dinkel Island Series Book 2) by Hugh Harris

Return of Bliss (The Dinkel Island Series Book 2) by Hugh Harris

‘Whoa,’ Stan said, laughing, ‘I don’t think you got a fish at all. I’ll bet that’s an old tire somebody tossed in there.’

Within minutes they found out Stan was partially right. It wasn’t a tire, but a muddy, seaweed-laden bag of some sort. Stan got the grappling hook and they pulled it up into the boat. It was an old backpack, and it was a mess.

Dinkel Island artist Stan Grayson struggles with lingering grief after his wife’s untimely death. While fishing, he and his friend Ed Heygood find a water-logged backpack containing a large amount of money. This stirs reactions in town.

An investigation uncovers an abduction that happened twenty-two years earlier and has implications for Kate Sheppard, pastor of the Dinkel Island Wesleyan Brethren Church. An explosion and robbery bring added stress.

A visiting gospel music group provides a key to unlock the mysteries of both the abduction and the money.

Ultimately, faith and mutual support open doors to the resolution of grief and a return of bliss for Stan, Ed, Kate and others. Return of Bliss is a story of unfolding hope and joy built around Psalm 30:5, ‘Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.’

Genre: Christian, General, Cultural Heritage, Religion & Spirituality, Religion Fiction

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