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Return Of The Ancients: A Story Of Daradawn – by Barbara M. Hodges

Return Of The Ancients: A Story Of Daradawn – by Barbara M. Hodges

Daradawn’s peace is shattered when three Valkyrie warriors, fleeing their blood enemy, the Followers of the Sun, call upon their magic in a circle of stones as old as time.

The wild magic rips open two rifts into Daradawn. One for the desperate Valkyrie, the other for the Dubv’Llewelyn, dark elves, banished a thousand years go into the world of humans.

Into Daradawn they come, the Valkyrie, the Followers of the Sun and the Dubv’Llewelyn.

War rages, the lightest magic against the darkest. There is no middle ground. It is rule or be enslaved, and no matter the outcome, for those of Daradawn, their lives will never be the same.

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