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SASHA’S New Beginning by Bernadette Y. Connor

SASHA’S New Beginning by Bernadette Y. Connor

On the surface, Sasha and Terrence Bain are the American dream. She is beautiful, intelligent, graceful, a wonderful homemaker and mother of three incredibly witty children. He is a successful banker and illegitimate son of a long line of successful bankers. Financially, they want for nothing.

All Sasha wants is to make Terrence happy. All Terrence wants is to make Terrence happy too. Their life together is both wonderful and challenging. Sasha’s torment at not being able to be the woman who makes Terrence’s eyes light up each time he walks in the door is obvious. His unfaithfulness is also obvious, and Terrence has lived a charmed life with his dedicated wife and adoring children.

Sasha’s life takes on a new glow when she receives lavender orchids from a secret admirer. When an unexpected tragedy strikes the Bain family, Sasha’s joy withers like the petals on her beloved orchids, and she wonders if her secret admirer had been Terrence all along.

Sasha’s journey through love, betrayal, loss, and rebirth is an all too familiar one with an ending that will take your breath away.

Book Genre: Romantic, Suspense, Thriller

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